About Us

Allow me to formally introduce myself to you. My name is Barkha and I’m a girl who is passionate about food and likes to visit different places.

Let us talk something about my blog. My blog is about the food, of different places and cities. Where you must visit and enjoy the famous food of that particular place.
This blog will help you in exploring more area of food of any particular city at a reasonable rate. Where you may visit and mark your trip memorable with the famous food of that place.

¬†Foods are the source of energy comes with abandoned taste & quality that pulls people towards itself by its wonderful smell, this thing spread love & culture all over the world and that starts from one’s home. Their is no barrier for this no borders and this is more awesome to share this thing of the great streets of the India that is also known for its venerable kind of spices that makes food more delicate as well as delicious. When it’s for coax or any event all where we can get food & mostly we offer to visit sometime on the streets for experiencing different kinds of food & make different taste for our regular meal.
¬† The passion for food comes from inside no matter about the boundaries no matter about kilometres it’s like water flowing for the mountains & goes down to the sea every time this is a new experience a new taste a new knowledge that what we all love about food for it’s unexpected & unique style & flavour that that makes someone mouth watery in a second. Here this blog is all about those curious experience of tasting & sharing with you all a great food that never makes u linseed with every bit of it.