Biryani Blues

Biryani Blues

Biryani Blues : Connought Palace

 Our heart say with full of swing whenever we would serve a plate of biryani.

Biryani blues is well known for their flavourful biryani in South Delhi. This place is well known by prompt delivery and huge portions.If you feel bore, you would prefer veg biryani instead of old mutton and chicken biryani . This meal comprehend of biryani with curd, mirch ka salan ,and many more.This Veg biryani is perfect for more than one people. They also have varients like Paneer Biryani,Soya Biryani and many more.

It is a favourite food. It has many alternatives form like Awadhi Biryani, Hyderabadi Biryani. As we know , chicken and mutton biryani is one of the most famous biryani.  Some people say veg biryani is same as veg pulao but no, a lot of difference between in  this dishes.Veg biryani does exist and it’s not same as veg pulao. Although, we can order for our amazing classic Hyderabadi Biryani. As we earlier said , they have sort of biryani like Soya Biryani ,Keema Biryani , Handi Biryani apart from starters and gravies. If you order for yourself , you would pick from their combo meal for one.

What to have :- Soya Biryani , Keema Biryani

Perfect for :- Hangout

Price :- 800 for 2 people


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