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Chole Bhature: Delhi’s Favourate

Delhi isn’t the political capital of the country , but the food capital as well. There are variety of options when it comes to street food in Delhi than “Baba Nagpal Corner” strike in mind for its amazing and famous Chole Bhature because when carving strikes and hunger turns rabid, nothing satiates your mind, body and soul better than a spicy plate of food.A bite of the Bhature just the right size ,oozing with Chole is pure decadence. The flavours burst in your mouth,hot at first,tangy after and by the time you’re swallowed your mouth is dipping wet.

when you’re dripping with sweat,seaking in the flavours,bearly managing to deal with the heat.its more than just comfort food. its a guilty pleasure,sort of like having a know its bad for health but you can’t control the urge.we love to get hot plates of these from the corner shop across the road and thela wallas that pepper every street.some we often go long distance just to get a plate of this.

they make really delicious channa bhature and it really is the place to go for mid- evening snacks.if you’re going here on a weekend, be prepared to brave crouds.all their snacks is usually over before 2 p:m on holiday.for a day when you want something cheap, fast and satisfying quality for Rs.60/ plate than Baba Nagpal Corner is best served and famous forChole Bhature in that area.

You must go if you’re on this side of town.

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